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a revolution in wallet management  .

We offer more than 15 years of international experience in the field of technology investments as well as numerous consulting and advisory roles related to asset management. 

Our experience in product and service development, sales, marketing and management is used by outstanding entrepreneurs to enhance their operations, strategies and international presence. We are looking for fascinating innovations, cutting edge talent, great market opportunities, and products and services that make the world a better place.

Extraordinary service since 1987

We carefully develop our list of service offerings according to the needs of the customers and the community. Our established working relationships with leading financial services companies and insurance providers in the industry allow us to offer superior solutions.

We offer investors a professional investment service for excess liquidity of a commercial entity. The process consists of defining objectives, implementing the agreed investment strategy, and finally, reporting on all transactions and the performance achieved.

Financial advice

Advisor As a financial advisor and investment trustee, we share the fiduciary responsibility of hundreds of millions of pension plan assets. We actively manage millions of individual clients and put plans in place to ensure that long-term strategies are aligned with established goals.

Economic Research

First Matching Management publishes numerous research publications to meet the needs of its clients and partners, as well as national and foreign professional audiences.


For our clients, we intervene in commercial financial instruments through 
receipt and transmission of orders execution of orders portfolio management

Auxiliary activities

According to Article 5. of the Capital Market Law, we can carry out foreign currency transactions (related to trading) research and analysis and other ancillary services

Protection against market risks

Companies can protect themselves against market risks, whether interest rates or foreign exchange, using the various derivatives that we offer. 
Currency risk (currency risk) is the risk of a change in the exchange rate of a given currency, while interest rate risk is the risk of a change in the reference interest rate.

Some statistics

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