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The digital boom, resulting mainly from the computer and Internet revolution, has an indisputable impact on 21st century societies, companies being important elements in them, so they can not escape it. Digital transformation has become essential in the competitiveness of companies and even states with benefits such as automation of supply, cost reduction, data collection etc. It is the way to reinvent itself to anticipate and meet the needs of the increasingly connected, better informed and more demanding population of the structures it seeks. The tools and business models offered by digital technology therefore represent opportunities that should not be neglected in the course of the economy.

First-Matching analysts have selected values ​​to favor and others to avoid to accompany the current technological upheavals.

Our team is dedicated to investing in technological innovation and supports you in the success of your project.

In-depth knowledge of the industrial aspects of technology and innovation paves the way for exceptional investments, bringing both alpha and decorrelation to portfolios focused on the main equity indices.

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